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Clock rules: we're late!

We talked to Matt Hayes yesterday to follow up on the clock rules, and got a few things clarified on the proposed clock rule changes.

One: The 40 second rule will likely pass. It's popular, it will get asses hauling on the chain gang, and as SMQ justly pointed out, it's about a wash on the time. (An eensy bit on the short side, but mostly a wash.) There's nothing in the way of major opposition to the rule, so it's probably gonna happen.

Two: The change where the clock continues to run when the ball goes out of bounds? The blogosphere's hatred of this proposal is shared by defensive coaches, who are the biggest opponents to the rule because of the obvious added advantage offenses get in clock-murder situation.

Three: The committee doesn't have to approve the rules as an omnibus; they can line-item the thing, so the rules aren't married. YAY line-item.