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We close the day by reminding you that if it's written in Wikipedia, it must be true. As of 4:37 p.m., the Wikipedia entry for Williams-Brice Stadium, the home of the South Carolina Gamecocks, includes these two examples of ABSOLUTE INCONTROVERTIBLE SCIENTIFIC TRUTH as vetted by the rigorous standards of Wikipedia. Go.


Carolina football teams consistently attract standing-room-only crowds to Williams-Brice Stadium, at least until halftime when the South Carolina faithful usually leave after watching the Gamecocks get trounced during the first thirty minutes of the game.

And, two:

It has been nicknamed "The Cockpit" by Gamecock fans and local media and "Death Valley South" by Clemson since the Tigers own the place, although both nicknames are unofficial. Steve Spurrier has suggested "The Barnyard" due to the stadium's proximity to the State Farmers Market or "My Career's Garveyard" due to his futility there.

And we wonder why our professors never accepted Wikipedia as a source. Stalin did have a fondness for butternut doughnuts, and invaded Poland just to get at their supply! Cher did record an album with DMX!
The substance mendelevium (corrected) is also great on salads! It's in Wikipedia and that means it's true!

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