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Let a thousand flowers bloom! Let the horses run! Let the campaigning begin! We would like to open the campaign by stating that a vote for anyone else in this contest is a vote for defeat, poverty, gayness, non-gayness, the evil rich, special interests, the Red Chinese, terrorists, or anyone else you don't want to be associated with in life. We also condemn the negative rhetoric of our opponents, who will stoop to any low to tear this country apart piece by piece and undermine our way of life.

First, cast all but one of your votes here at Brian's voting widget, where the results for all but one of the awards are being tabulated. Remember, you must have a college football blog to vote on the category awards.

If you're a sensible person--e.g., you don't have a college football blog--you may still vote for the Ric Flair People's Champion Award in the poll in the sidebar over there----> YES, OVER THERE--------->

The winner will receive the title of WOO!master for one year, and may bestow the most privileged and awe-inspiring of WOO!s upon anyone and anything they like at any time. Not that you can't do that anyway, but the winner will be doing this with what every recognizes as the most intimidating and glorious of WOO!s.