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It's Monday, and you should play this all day long for no particular reason other than this is the greatest fucking band ever assembled: James Brown's 1971 band, live in Paris. It's nine minutes, so just let it play and, like James himself, take frequent breaks during your day to excuse yourself, walk to the side of the stage, and dance it out.

It is now acceptable to say the recruitiment of Darrell Scott was fishy. Since everyone else is saying it, at least:

Hagan said rumors of CU lining up a job in a local bank for Alexis Scott, who manages an OB/GYN practice, were "ridiculous" in light of Buffs coach Dan Hawkins' strict adherence to NCAA rules and what the school experienced in 2004.

Like most recruiting sagas and their sketchy fallout, it involves a megaprogram (Texas) and smaller program getting a recruit coveted by said program; and like most other recruiting sagas, the whispers never really were whispers at all, but open conversation about what was being allegedly offered to get him.

We would not be surprised if there was something to this. We would be surprised if there was anything to this. Either way, it's not as if there's not a lot of attention and documentation surrounding the case--even the Grey Lady stepped down from its perch and turned off the tennis match and the Yankees/Red Sox DVDs to come down and see what the proles were raving about down in the heartland re: Scott and recruiting season.

FAIL. Mitch Albom writes a terrible, terrible column. Man on moon. Winehouse, rehab. Fulmer, bacon grease/peach sorbet shooters.

Charlie Weis is relinquishing play-calling duties in order to focus on being a head coach on the sidelines. He's also planning to, you know, become more likeable overnight.

Weis also wants to be more approachable to players. The Irish played more underclassmen last season and Weis was concerned some were too worried about getting yelled at by him. He hopes they will worry less when they get to know him better.

"You get it so that they know you better so if you yell at them they know that it's not personal," he said.

Ouchie yelling! The move makes sense, of course: Georgia's been a juggernaut since Mark Richt gave up playcalling duties to OC Mike Bobo, though having a knee-pumping dervish like Knowshon Moreno makes that less of a task than it might be in other years. (To Knowshon is to fearShon.) If you see Notre Dame swamping the field following their first touchdown in the USC game, know that some seriously devoted copycatting is going on here. (Though they should celebrate after being blanked in 2007's matchup.)

With Greg Mattison going to the Ravens to cash in on some pre-retirement NFL money, Florida needed a crusty Midwestern-type defensive line guy, and got one in Dan McCarney, former ISU coach who spent 2007 coaching the gnarly line of the USF Bulls. The last Hayden Fry guy to wheel around Gainesville was Bob Stoops, and that worked out kinda all right and everything. Oh, and he won at Iowa State, a feat comparable to flying a paper airplane successfully through the bowels of hell.

I choose not to race! Florida State schedules two D-1AA opponents for the first time since 1988. Kevin ain't happy.

FSU homers will try to dodge the subject by pointing to the Gators eight DI-AA games in the last twenty years versus FSU's three during that same span. Don't. Just don't.

This isn't about history - this is about now. This is about the future. This is about who FSU is and how we will remember Bobby Bowden - the man who told us just a few months ago that he didn't back down and wasn't about to start.

Umm... yeah. About that....

Florida State has lost an awful lot of games in the last seven years, but they never walked away from a fight... until now.

But the cupcakes, Kevin? As a team with tons of them on the schedule over the years, we can confidently say they are indeed deeeeeelicious.