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Snappity snap snap! Who knew the acrimony could get thick in the Pac-10. Then again: this is Arizona, who by demographics could be in the SEC if not for the pesky facts of geography and a lack of kudzu-feeding water. They're almost as backwards and gun-littered as anywhere in the SEC, and we mean that totally as a compliment of the most insulting manner possible. Typing this from Georgia baby! This computer runs on magic, and we didn't come from no monkey. Mah Cobb County science textbook sez it raight thurr.

Plus, Arizona v. Arizona State is quietly one of the nastier rivalries in the Western half of the United States, and Mike Stoops helps nothing with this quote from the AP today:

"Each school has to recruit to that school and what type of academic requirements there are," Stoops said. "Obviously, Arizona State has turned into a J.C. and we are a four-year college. According to all the players, they say it is easier to go to school there, easier to get in. I thought we had the same requirements. It is news to me."

Mike Stoops (who loses football games, according to Peter) is clearly pouring fuel on the fire because he was beaten out for nearly every major recruit in Arizona by Erickson and ASU, and also because he' s just that kind of coach. We don't mind that at all, though be a bit more witty about it next time. (See: Spurrier.) Erickson, presumably after asking "Who?" in response to being asked about the question, answered thusly:

"He can say what he wants," Erickson said. "We're all the same. There is no difference.

Erickson would know, having coached at 114 of the 119 D-1 football schools in one capacity or another. Plus, the statement's grossly inaccurate: no one finishes ASU in four years, let alone a junior college two year span.

Junior college takes two years, Mike. ASU takes, um...wait, we have to leave?