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The underplayed story from yesterday's signing day--and again, how a story about Notre Dame got underplayed is beyond us--was the real, legitimate, non wind-aided (Lemming, windmaker) performance of Irish in recruiting. In recent history , when a recruit like Deion Walker wobbled on signing day, the wobble went full-bore wiggle and turned into defection. (Or theft, depending on your perspective cough cough Urban Meyer cough.)

Yet Walker came through for the Irish, who did what teams sometimes actually do on signing day: address needs while flashing the necessary star power. 3-9 may have been the best "help wanted" advertisement imaginable, as Weis himself admitted after the fax machine was turned off and the LOIs in and secure:

"If you really want to take a negative season and turn it into a positive, you say to these guys, 'Do you want to play? You're watching the games, right? If you think you can play here, let's go, and if you don't, go somewhere else,' " Weis said.

Say what you will, he is honest....and in possession of a startling array of moves.

You can always eat your lunch tomorrow. It'll probably keep if you put it back in the fridge immediately. (We have a theory as to why Notre Dame's performance yesterday didn't get the bandwidth it might have gotten, and it has to do with the perpetual comeback the program has been on, and the media fatigue with it, blah blah etc. We'll be over here with our bag full of obvious insights putting together a theory that though yesterday was very exciting, in the end it's all about needing the total package to succeed in college football. Blogger cliche heh RTWT LOL!)