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In all the Signing Day hubbub, we shouldn't forget to note Notre Dame scoring, both because it's been so rare in the past year or so, and also because if we don't note it now we'll have to deal with all the emails saying "You can't count!" and "Don't forget our points." Bloggers make lousy accountants, but let's go ahead and get to the digits.

Notre Dame tight end Will Yeatman drank like a champion on January 28th but then made the error of driving his own victory chariot, an error noted by the local authorities in the form of a DUI charge, good for two Fulmer Cup points. Yeatman has been suspended indefinitely from the team by coach Charlie Weis. We're tempted to demand his arrest and the filing of additional charges for this comment, though:

A month ago, Yeatman said that during Notre Dame’s 3-9 football season he had points where he became excited for lacrosse season early.

To be fair, this is extremely unfair quotation going on here: Yeatman also plays for Notre Dame's lacrosse team, and says he just wanted to find some way to use his talents to make Notre Dame look good in an athletic endeavor. And if we'd had a 3-9 season last year, we'd crave the sweet relief of being hit in the face with a lacrosse ball, too.