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Sign on the line son. An X will do. Today is National Signing day. Uncle Sam wants you to come play football for my university, son. Or to make antimatter. We're not really sure anymore, especially with the requisite slew of rumors, innuendo, and outright accusation of player purchase flying around today.

Dude! Pryor can make antimatter!

Terrelle Pryor, being you on most any other day of your life for the next fifteen years or so wouldn't be so bad, but right now you have to have your head in a whole world of shit with Ohio State meatheads and paranoid geek Michigan fans all trying to find ways to crawl like Ceti eels into your brain and convince you to come to their schools. Pryor may not even commit today, and if you know, he's like reading EDSBS for advice, we'd tell him frankly to go elsewhere for advice, man. We majored in English. (We say that like Tracey Jordan says "I sign my name with an X! I voted for Nader. Nader!)

Join us tonight for EDSBS Live: 7:00 p.m. We'll have Andy Staples of and a few other guests to discuss the day's haul for your team and the national picture as a whole, and also to remind everyone that betting on the prospective maturing talents of 18 year olds is a lot like betting on Russian cockroach racing.

Darrell Scott's allegedly getting an extremely muscular late push from Colorado. The Ventura, CA running back is down to Texas or Colorado, and is one of the biggest chips left on the board in terms of unsecured recruits of the star-heavy type.

Two bits from Mike Farrell's column at Rivals: One, Julio Jones will commit to Bama, a story the Gainesville Sun will report as "Julio Jones runs Burmese Resistance Movement and Methamphetamine/handgun ring out of basement, will announce commitment to University of Xenu and major in mindfreakery!"

Two, that Tennessee needs a huge day: ranked #39 overall and still fighting for glossy recruits on signing day has become a more common occurrence on signing day than Vol fans would really like. Not that we're snickering yes we're snickering.

The Sporting News liveblog for Signing day will be up and running here.

Burnt Orange Nation and In The Bleachers both have liveblogs running today, too. Brian's is here; Peter's is here. Between the two you should get a nice picture of the national scene, as well as plenty of healthy hysteria and fear when someone flips at the last second, hedges for an instant, or decides to go on a mission to the Congo to save souls instead of doing what God really wants them to do: hit people with their huge bodies on a football field.

Finally, it's a political advertisement we can endorse with all of our metal loving heart. MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT RAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHMNAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!