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Pay attention. This is very serious.

My friends and fellow Americans,

We come here today to transcend the awards of old and move to that shining city on the hill we all want to live in: the College Football Blog Awards 2008, where no good blog goes unrecognized, where we all feel the prosperity of hundreds--yes, hundreds!--of dollars of Google AdSense income.

The CFBA would like to thank you for submitting nominations for this years awards. No one person reads them all, and it takes a village to bring this effort along. We would also like to thank Joel, our fearless leader, who brought the whole endeavor together as only he could. He deserves your applause for his fine work, coding, list-keeping, and his amazing ability to help those who have difficulty keeping their pants on straight put on an award process despite the issues with the pants, and the straightness thereof. Kudos and applause.

The Cabal met via chat and, after the hard deliberation and decisions that deciders have to make, a final list of nominees emerged. Cabal members used reader nominations and pared down from there as objectively as they could. Human weakness did emerge: the topic of Stewart Mandel incited some passions, as did Orson's opinion of one blogger he would, on meeting in person, punch in the uterus. (No, it's not who you think it is, and no, it's not a woman, but a feminizing joke.)

Any time nomination posts mentioned or the gizmo spat out one of our own names, we either abstained or argued against ourselves and in favor of someone else. Committee members also attempted to balance bringing the true, echt best of the 2007 to the forefront while also highlighting new but lesser-known blogs.

So in short: while all nominations were considered, not all nominations were included in the end, because there's no way to include every nominee.

Oh, and while not eliminating anyone, open campaigning for votes by bloggers was considered "in poor taste" by the Cabal, and "aggressively whorish" by Orson. Please refrain from it in gentlemanly fashion, twiddle your handlebar mustache with style, and join us at the bar for a Pimm's Cup and some strawberries with creme fraiche while we wait for center court to open up for a match, will you? Right-o.

The schedule:

Nominations announced today, beginning at EDSBS at 10:00, then at MGoBlog at 11:00, Dawg Sports at 12:00, Burnt Orange Nation at 1:00, and Rocky Top Talk at 2:00. All times EST. After that, come back to EDSBS for voting instructions.

Reminder! Last year's winner in any particular category is ineligible to win that category this year, with the exception of awards for individual posts (as opposed to entire blogs), so hold your criticism on that. Send all other complaints to

Okay, so send in the clowns.





Winner determined by:

Last Year's Winner (ineligible)

Best ACC blog

Danny Ford is God
Digital Headbutt
Statefans Nation
The Good Ol' Blog
Tomahawk Nation

Blogger vote

Eagle in Atlanta

Best Big East/Notre Dame blog

Card Chronicle
Pitt Blather
Rakes of Mallow
Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician
West By God Virginia

Blogger vote

Blue-Gray Sky

Best Big Ten blog

Black Heart Gold Pants
Black Shoe Diaries
Eleven Warriors
Lake the Posts
The M Zone

Blogger vote


Best Big 12 blog

Barking Carnival
Big Red Network
Corn Nation
Double T Nation
Rock M Nation

Blogger vote

Burnt Orange Nation

Best Pac-10 blog

Addicted to Quack
Building the Dam
California Golden Blogs
Conquest Chronicles
Washington Husky Sports

Blogger vote

Bruins Nation

Best SEC blog

Dawg Sports
Georgia Sports Blog
Orange and Blue Hue
Rocky Top Talk

Roll Bama Roll

Blogger vote


Best Non-BCS blog

Block U
Hawaii Football Blog
Temple Football Forever
The Bird Dog
The Mountain West Conference Connection

Blogger vote

Block U


Burnt Orange Nation
Rocky Top Talk
Sunday Morning Quarterback
The Wizard of Odds

Blogger vote


Head over to MGoBlog at 11:00-ish EST for the official nominees for Best National Blog, People's Champ Award, Funniest Blog, and Best YouTube.