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Tennessee's season of troubles: one, inside another, inside another...

File under drankin': 26 year-old Vincent Faison, a walk on for The University of Tennessee, was arrested for DUI in Knoxville this weekend. The police report comes out today, so we'll see if Faison had a merely tipsy night of drinking or went into Yeltsin territory with his BAC. As it stands now, it's a standard, generic brand DUI, and thus earns the Tennessee Vols another two points in the Fulmer Cup. We'll check totals later today, since Oregon's got a nifty little drug charge on the weekend, too.

The best bit from the Tennessean article:

The only player Fulmer has suspended is Faison. The disciplinary action Fulmer handed out to the others included community service at a drug rehab facility, participation in police ride-alongs, curfews and more frequent drug tests.

They get to ride in a police car? In the front? That sounds fun, especially since given the Vols' mayhem-heavy offseason already, this sets up for the sweetest of possible ironic scenarios: a Vol football player in the front on a ride-along being there for the arrest of--yes--a teammate, who will then have to ride in the back. The only thing cooler would then be the cop getting high with the football players, and then getting arrested by another cop who has to take all three to jail in another car. It's a Russian Doll/homunculus situation: the only thing cooler than a football player participating in the arrest of another football player would be another football player getting arrested by a football player and so on into infinity...