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A few weekend notes:

Whores for content, join us at the Sporting Blog for the Super Bowl. Here! Chris Mottram stalking celebs! Carson Palmer stalking Chris Mottram! Us reviewing the commercials, all featuring monkeys, beer, men getting hit in the balls, women getting hit in the face, and celebrity cameos! Seriously, no one--no one--will be posting more than the Sporting Blog. Size queens, join us there for the weekend.

The link for our current liveblog is hyeeah.

EDSBS Live, Signing Day. After many delays, EDSBS Live will return for Wednesday night and a review of Signing Day featuring a cavalcade of guests analyzing the day's haul: who cleaned up, who's lying in the weeds, and who needs to start considering enrolling old XFLers who failed out of school to beef up their rosters.