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Today's installment brought to you by an unholy combination of cold and flu drugs. Sizzurp for all!

Drankin' outside will get you one. Torrey Davis, DT for Florida, was cited Jan. 19th for underage possession of alcohol outside Venue, a nightclub in downtown Gainesville that, like every other nightclub in a college town, has a phenomenally lame name. Davis picks up one point in the Fulmer Cup for being shaken and stirred while not being over the age of 21.

Duke picks up a few points just because they're overacheivers and all, earning points for a nightclub scuffle at the equally dumbly named "Club 9" in Durham.

Eron Riley, 20, was cited for public affray and Austin Kelly, 18, was cited for failure to disperse and resisting, delaying and obstructing officers.

Affray's one of our favorites: it basically equals a lot of hollerin' and being threatening not just to one person, but many. Meaning Ed Orgeron could, if the cops really wanted to die, be charged with this every single day of his life.

Per the Wiz, four out of five of the BCS' post-season games showed a decline in viewers. This happens when the games suck, for the most part; even the competitive Orange Bowl featured two teams that, for the vulgar national palate, evoke more "who dat?" than anything else.