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Dogs and cats, living together. It's just like the scene in Lord of the Rings when everyone bonds together to fight the giant flaming vagina-eye and his army of Orcs, isn't it? Erick Ainge to Andre Caldwell for the Senior Bowl win, rocking you like a, Gator.

Erik Ainge earned MVP honors for an error-free performance in a 17-16 South win, something Andre Woodson cannot claim as he threw a pick and gave up a safety, thus scaring the ever-loving daylights out of pro scouts in attendance who suspect what we do: that he's a mistake prone college qb who'll take years to develop into a non-disaster of a pro qb. John David Booty and Colt Brennan also threw picks.

Wake Forest is having a bad week. And it's going to get worse--just wait! The first bit: Wake Forest backup running back Luke Caparelli is another Facebook casualty as his fun-loving ways of threatening to blow up the campus have caught up with him: he has been kicked off the team for threatening to blow up the campus, one of a few menacing statements he made on his Facebook profile, according to Wake Forest officials.

Campus police said 19-year-old Luke Caparelli posted the note on the social-networking page on Jan. 13. The note was written in third person and included a threat that Caparelli would have an Uzi submachine gun "locked and loaded in his bag."

A police search of his room turned up nothing, and it doesn't look like any charges will be filed against him. Don't go searching for the Facebook page, either: it's miles down the memory hole now, erased and sent to robot hell forever. As for the second bit of embarrassing news...stay tuned.

FSU's had such bad trouble with compliance lately, they've hired the guy who worked for the Seminoles during the "Free Shoes U" days back in 1993, baby: Bill Shults, former swim coach and compliance guy, will be the one overseeing the dysfunctional compliance process at Florida State, the very same one that played a part in getting Florida State to the Music City Bowl without thirty players suspended for academic naughtiness. Good luck!

Rick Neuheisel, disciplinarian. The Wiz points us to the Seattle Times' profile of the Washington Huskies' 2000 team, the 11-1 wonder kids who, in addition to scoring off the field, knew how to live to win off it, too!

This is an unprecedented look behind the scenes — based largely on documents unavailable at the time — that reveals a disturbing level of criminal conduct and hooliganism by the players and questionable moves and motives of police and the legal system. Among the findings:

* A safety who reportedly had cut his wife's face, broken her arm and nose. He started the opener wanted on an oustanding warrant.
* A tight end under investigation on suspicion of rape.
* A linebacker under investigation for robbing and shooting a drug dealer. Police didn't charge him until after the season was over.

Ricky's back, baby! And in L.A.! This could end like Heat before it's all said and done.

And because we're in the mood for a Bama/Barner threadjack......we present Tommy Tuberville kicking Nick Saban's midget ass.

This is not confirmed, but it must be LSUFreek. It has to be.