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Hullabaloo, Caneck! Caneck!

Hullabaloo, Caneck! Caneck!

Duct tape, robbery, assault charge- check! Check! Check!

Two Texas A&M Aggies make a smashing debut in the Fulmer Cup, or whatever the noise made by an apartment door crashing in is, because that's one of the things two Aggie football players were indicted for on Thursday in Bryan/College Station.

They're accused of robbing a Callaway Villas apartment November 29, hitting a person and tying up two others with duct tape. Police believe the alleged armed robbery was part of a drug deal.

Babalola starred on the Bryan High School football team before earning a starting spot on the A&M offensive line.

That's a phenomenal entry into the Fulmer Cup: two aggravated robbery charges alone take the Aggies to six points, and the felony drug charges faced by joiner likely bump the total up to a provisional score of nine points for the Aggies, vaulting them into the lead. That's...that's just got to hurt, Cadets. Your reaction?

We know. It's painful. (HT: Dave)