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Trev lives! Again!

The content of this piece is innocuous enough: Norm Chow WOO, UCLA="wha? suddenly potentially good?", but that's not why we posted it. We posted it because, watching it, our mind wandered to the image of Trev doing this in front of a fake Atlanta backdrop in his rec room, wearing boxers and and no pants but with the sport coat on to give the television illusion, doing take after take and berating himself with "No. NO! STUPID TREV!" and getting all red-faced and teary in between takes as his wife works the camera and tries to hold back desperate giggles.

We mean nothing snide about this: when Trev Alberts and EDSBS are both hanging around Atlanta doing college football-related media things from home, something has changed profoundly in sports media. He's probably paid better for what he does, but we could never work on camera like suavissimo Vanilla Thunder for obvious reasons: massive jaw, eyes set damn near on the side of the head, perpetually sullen look on the face no matter the mood, inability to shave two days in a row, tendency to flick off camera...