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USF is bringin' the shocker, the fitteds, and singlet guy to Notre Dame: the Bulls and Irish will play a "one-game series" in 2011 in South Bend. Cue obligatory picture of USF Singlet Guy:

You know why he's wearing the singlet? Because when you make it rain like the Bulls do, you need a motherfucking swimsuit just to stay dry. (Now, when we go to the strip club, we make it hail, because CoinStar closed their kiosk in the local Kroger, and we got to shine somehow when we in the club.)

Speaking of making it rain, the article does inform us that the Bulls may have actually made money on their bowl appearance this year, a rarity among bowl-eligible schools. The Bulls amassed $269,300 in profit from their asswhipping at the SunBowl, a good haul by any measure. However, the clip from the piece that caught our eye most was this:

TAMPA - When University of South Florida secondary coach Troy Douglas walked off the Notre Dame Stadium turf as a Michigan State assistant Sept. 22, 2001, he bent over and grabbed a little memento.

Douglas pulled up some of the turf and stored it in a sandwich baggie until getting rid of it a couple years ago.

All apologies to USF fans, but most Bulls fans we know will be bringing the fat pants, bolt-link chain necklaces, and an entirely different sort of weed in bags to the game.