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Tebow transcends your petty categories. He can even motivate you strange bas-ket-ballers, you see.

(HT: Awful Announcing.)

It's not your race, you see--it's just your skin. Tom Cruise, you're the only one who can help the rampant acrimony spreading like so much coalfire in West Virginia. Thus far, we've seen dickering about Rodriguez's paperwork chicanery, a very real legal dispute made public in the "discussion" over Rodriguez's $4 million dollar buyout, and ample commentary from boosters and agents about who's to blame for not only Coach DickRod's resignation, but the subsequent clusterfuck resulting from it.

Anyone seen the nuclear option? Where did we leave that around here...

"Calvin was in discussions with this West Virginia University administrator, and Calvin kind of politely asked him, 'Do you think I have a shot [at becoming the next Mountaineers head coach]?' The administrator said, 'No you don't,' and pointed to his skin. That's why Calvin got on the plane."

Oh, there it is. That is Rich Rodriguez's agent Mike Brown, discussing his other client Calvin Magee's alleged exchange with an unidentified West Virginia administrator.

The Post-Gazette article in short: Rod leaves, no one talks to Magee, the offensive coordinator, the administration uses Magee as one of the candidates they mention to the Black Coaches Association to appease them during the search process, and then this happens along the way:

"Two days later [Dec. 19], I got my phone confiscated from me and was told not to make any recruiting calls. So immediately after seven years of service, I thought, 'Why are they doing this to me?' On their behalf, I got an apology the next day [from Athletic Director Ed Pastilong] and given all the stuff back."

This may have surpassed Alabama-ugly in terms of aggregate coaching-feud nastiness last week. The race card being thrown in only makes it definitive this week.

Terrelle Pryor thinks Michigan is "cool." That's his word for the visit to Michigan this weekend, according to the Freep. Lesser academic schools would respond, "Oh, that's cool," and move on to the next recruit, but we expect nothing less from Michigan fans than lengthy, heady discussions of whether Pryor was referring to Michigan in the Marshall McLuhan sense of "cool," and if they want someone with such outdated tastes in media theory running their offense anyway, right?

The conventional wisdom is that Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson won't run the same offense he ran at Navy when his team takes the field at the Flats this fall. Nope. Can't possibly be the same, right? Like, it's the flexbone belly-option, and no one's gonna...

"It's going to be the same system," Johnson said. "There might be a different emphasis on some things. I think the system is varied enough to where we can tweak it to fit the players we have here. We've added a lot of different things at the schools where we've been in the past. We threw it a lot more at Hawaii [when Johnson was the offensive coordinator there]. We ran it more at Navy. I envision it being somewhere in between here."

Oh. Sorry about that. It's gonna be the same system.

We prefer to think of him as "variably forthcoming." The People Versus Urban Meyer documents Meyer's history of prevarication with recruits. Nah nah nah nah fingers in ears not hearing a thing nah nah nah.