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Kids! It's Chip, here to teach you the invaluable lessons of the street.

When we think gangsta, we think Colorado, baby. Mountains! White people! A dry cold! Nothin' more pimpin' than that son. Hand me down mah fitted whilst we cruise to Breckinridge, bitches. We running snow to the slopes, if you know what we mean.

Remember, no one has the manual for life, since as another, far superior writer once suggested, it's in the sac of tissue cut from the human body and discarded at birth commonly referred to as the "afterbirth." So sometimes, when one is called on to appear at an NBA game in a guest appearance as the mascot from a popular local college team, one gets a bit tone-deaf in attempting to match the "urban contemporary" key of the NBA's market image.

From the Denver News:

The University of Colorado's costumed buffalo mascot showed up for a "kids night" at a Denver Nuggets basketball dressed in what some described as "gangsta-themed" attire, the Boulder Daily Camera reported.

The incident happened Friday night at the Pepsi Center when the "Chip" wore a do-rag, baggy pants, and a gang-associated tattoo.

Now, that's not so bad. Come to think of it, if you consider on on a Sontag-ian "camp level," it's...

According to the Daily Camera, the mascot costume had a teardrop tattoo below one eye. The newspaper said the tattoo is commonly associated with gang activity, often signifying that the wearer has killed someone.

Oh, come on. That can't be too offensive considering it's a fucking buffalo, and totally has killed people. (As a species, we still have the lead on them by miles. Can't fire a rifle with a cloven hoof yet? Tough. Tell it to Darwin.) The appearance of Chip in gangsta gear is part of a disturbing pattern of behavior by the mascot, who is youngish for a buffalo and trying to find herself, and consequently is hanging out with an undesirable crowd in an attempt to upset and shock her attendants.

See the crowd after the jump. It's an ugly scene.

Illos courtesy of the inimitable LSUFreek.