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Power to the people! Or at least the illusory rub of getting to cast a vote, as Auburn fans can do for their new defensive coordinator over at the Gold Mine at the Birmingham News. Leading vote-getters thus far:

Dave Campo / Jax Jaguars /10
Vic Koennning / Clemson /7
Ron Meeks / Indy Colts /6
Reggie Herring / Texas A&M /5

Also, the following non-football nominees have received votes: Nick Saban, Bob Stoops, Kevin Steele, Major Applewhite, Charles Barkley and James Carville. We're throwing our weight behind a Barkley/Carville combo for press conferences and the inevitable tossing of Saban through a huge glass window, since that's Charles' signature finishing move, and because Carville would take Auburn to the Rose Bowl somehow just to turn down the bid--since he hates, hates, hates the Rose Bowl.

For the record, the Opelika police dog that bit an Auburn player has garnered four votes. Communication might be a problem, but if Joe Kines can communicate defensive strategy successfully in the SEC, anyone can.