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Recruiting is creepy...but it's all we've got, so we've decided to at least do our due diligence this year and kind of sort of know what's happening. This is the most time we've spent looking at 18 year old boys in tight shirts since we hung out with Tressel at Blake's HEY-O! (Tressel's not gay, and that's obviously a joke. Jimmy T's all man--in fact, he's fathered one out of every seven children in Ohio over the past 18 years, meaning he signs the letter of intent for his own recruits as the guardian. We just blew your mind, and you're welcome.)

Bruce Feldman of ESPN The Magazine joined us for a discussion of SEC recruiting, and a few points of interest for those wanting the quick and dirty version of the interview:

--Omar Hunter, Notre Dame DT commit from Buford, GA, is anything but a done deal. Considering that's not coming from homer SEC us and from circumspect, suspicious Bruce, that means he might really be up for grabs in a replay of the Justin Trattou situation from last year.

--LSU is getting whatever they want, as usual.

--Mississippi is having a bumper crop as a state, with Ole Miss and Miss State both assembling quality classes.

--Arkansas faces immense difficulties with a late start for Petrino and Houston Nutt poaching his own former Arkansas recruits down to Ole Miss.

--The loss of Trooper Taylor is already hurting Tennessee, who may try to make up for it by raiding the Tidewater area incoming OC Dave Clawson recruited as a head coach in Michigan.

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