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Urban Meyer will completely make your ass cry. According to ex-Gator running back Anthony Gay, Meyer belittled former Gator running back coach and current Vol RB coach Stan Drayton to the point of tears at practices.

"They ain’t like this," said Gay, holding up crossed fingers to visually describe it in a September interview. "They’re not even really tight. A lot of days, I've seen Coach Drayton shed tears before. Not in front of (Meyer), but right after practice because of how he acknowledged him, because of how he belittled him."

The mysterious saga of Steve Slaton's dwindling role in the West Virginia offense comes to an end with his departure for the NFL, something Slaton's father attributes to the coaching switch in Morgantown. Slaton still ran for over 1,000 yards this season, but had a diminished role in the 'Eers attack as Pat White and Noel Devine glommed more carries from him.

Bowling Green offensive coordinator Mike McCall will be the new offensive coordinator for Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern. Asswhipping in the GMAC Bowl aside, Bowling Green placed 53rd in total offense nationally, and that says hot hire to us! 1 BULLET BULLET BULLET!

We'll have to see the actual dropping of the pizza on the ground to believe it, but the passion drunk LSU fans have for pizza continues nonetheless. It's an ongoing saga, like The Notebook, but instead of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, it involves a slice of pizza and a hammered LSU fan.

If you're feeling like you accomplished nothing this weekend, at least you didn't let a piddly little injury down your attempt at running a marathon. That's precisely what we did thanks to IT band pain so nasty we called off running the Disney marathon. Kleph tells us we're not a pussy for doing this, but we still don't believe him. Still, the discretion might have spared us the indignity of running with pants soiled from pain past a horrified Pluto like a male version of Gabriella Anderson-Schiess.