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The Fulmer Cup is open. There WILL be a theme song. "Hung Like Reggie F'n Nelson" Brian, holla at ya lawya if you're still willing to do the scoreboard.

Now that Michigan is no longer a game preserve for slow white qbs, frosh Ryan Mallett is out and looking to transfer. Possibilities include Tennessee (long a friend of the leadfoot catapult type,) Texas A&M, and UCLA. The Tennessee connection is an interesting one because it's predicated on the notion of Mike Debord possibly coming to take the OC job in Knoxville. We can only hope they mean the "3 and out" Mike Debord, and not the Tom Moore clone with the assassin's playbook who coached the Capital One Bowl.

$300K. Them's the digits on the total amount of money Reggie Bush pocketed from failed sports marketeer Lloyd Lake while at USC, according to Tarnished Heisman, the very poorly named book from Don Yaeger about the Reggie Bush scandal. Why there's any hue or outcry about this book is beyond us--it's everything you already knew from the Yahoo! Sports stories plus some additional interviews. Oh, and did we mention a lousy title? There's not even lesbian cheerleader action in this one, Don, unlike your previous work, now available on Amazon for as low as 0.28 cents.

Dislocated kneecap and three torn ligaments is the knee disaster Shaun Carney endured in the Armed Forces Bowl. He's getting surgery, but three ligaments? Jaysus. That one play turned his otherwise healthy joint into an anatomical Afghanistan.

On an entirely unrelated note, take a moment to note the death of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Everest who spent most of his life afterwards working for the Himalaya Trust building schools and hospitals in Nepal. Hillary was, according to almost anyone you'll talk to in the climbing community, an extraordinary ordinary guy: humble, witty, and committed to leaving the world a better place. A good dude by any measure who did his best to help one of the most beautiful places in the world and its people. (In all seriousness, go there once it settles down a bit and spend some money. It's fantastic. No ironies, no sarcasm. The minute they get broadband, we're doing the blog alternately from there and our secret bungalow fortress off the coast of Thailand.)

Night, chief.