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Thom Brennaman: And they're off the boats. Welcome to D-Day.

My that's some bombardment there. There's men firing guns, and some other men firing guns. And there's a beach, and boats, and men coming out of the boats.

Please watch Prison Break, the most exciting show on Fox. It's really exciting.

D-Day, brought to you only as Fox can!

The Americans seem to be laying down here. Yes, they're laying down. Some of the men aren't moving. This is because they've been shot by the Germans. They Germans are firing guns at the Americans.

Charles Davis: Wow! Bang!

Thom Brennaman: And now there's a mortar being fired. The shell goes into the mortar, and at that point it flies out of the mortar. It goes into a crowd of people. Wow, they don't look. Happy.

And here's a tank. It's a big thing with a lot of metal on it and people don't seem to be very happy with it.

Charles Davis: No they don't, Thom! That tank is tanky!

Thom Brennaman: More shooting. There's screaming, and man that guy can scream. He's screaming because he's shot. You're looking live at D-Day, brought to you by Fox.

Charles Davis: Exploding is explosive, Thom.

Thom Brennaman: Yes, it is. I don't condone any of this, because it is bad.

Charles Davis: Yes it is.

Thom Brennaman: Yes, bad is bad. And good things are good.

Charles Davis. Yes.

Thom: Yes. There's a lot of men shooting here. Wouldn't you agree, Charles?

Charles: ...

Thom: Charles?

Charles: Sorry, your voice is so lulling. Even with all the gunfire, you put me to sleep like a fistful of fucking vicodin, Thom

Thom: Yes. Gunfire. Vicodin. Back after this commercial break.

D-Day is brought to you by Fox,