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The Fiesta Bowl could be great pain perdu, the reclaimed scraps of stale seasons revived in a bowl game for both Oklahoma and West Virginia, but we doubt it, especially for West Virginia, who comes in with an interim coach, an offense that's been less than jet tempo awesome this year, and an Oklahoma team that probably does not want to lose their fourth BCS bowl game in a row.

Thom Brennaman's not calling the game, and until Oklahoma's lines start crushing the 'Eers in the third and fourth quarter, it promises to be competitive. Yet in most every tight game West Virginia's played, Pat White's had to improvise, carry the load, and stretch things out until something snaps. In two cases, that thing has been White, who took a beating in the Pitt and USF losses when his freelancing opened up free pummeling lanes for defenses to zero in on him.

So as the Sooners probably get to snap the BCS bowl streak. Before we let them pass into the sweet and lately unfamiliar BCS win Valhalla, let's review the painful past to savor the potentially tasty present.

2007: Fiesta

2005: Orange

2004: Sugar

What the blazing hell happened to Justin Vincent?

Anyway, consider this the open thread for the Fiesta, and post away.