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Only fitting that in Opposite Year (as opposed to Opposite Day), that Lloyd Carr and Michigan would slip the shackles of malicious fate and win a game they were not, by any measure of word, expected to win. Michigan embodied the twisted braid of 2007 football kismet: losing to Appalachian State, bouncing back to face tOSU for the Big Ten crown, losing a bitter and winnable rivalry game, and then finding redemption in a hardfought game with Florida where they outmanned the Gators across the board.

Carr's time as a coach is done, but earmark this moment in time for a reason. In a season where semantically everything went against script, two things happened in this game that came straight out of Hollywood football central casting: a retiring coach who did things the right way won his last game, and the Heisman Trophy winner lost his postseason game. Michigan crawled a long, Lemmywinksish path up the large intestine of the 2007 college football season. As must as it sucked to be the fall guy in the script, it was nice to be part of a crowd-pleaser, even if it meant enduring the part of an agonizing death scene.

Good game and good-bye, Lloyd. See you in the Bo suite.