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We're out of time for the other two bowl previews, but we do have an exciting offer: Peter Bean will join us at 7:50 p.m. on Sunday on a very special edition of EDSBS Live: The Independence Bowl Drinking Game.

It'll be just like that.

We will have the show for the first half only to preserve our livers and the shreds of dignity we have left. Drinks will be taken for the following, but are not limited to:

--Bob Davie uses of the word "footBAW"

--Bob Davie uses the word "YOUUUUGE"

--A shot each time the Hawkins "DIVISION ONE FOOTBALLL" rant is mentioned.

--A sip each time the corporate sponsor is used.

--Sip for scenic shots of Shreveport. Double if a casino is shown, or if the shot is not actually scenic at all.

--A shot if John Parker Wilson throws a pick six. We know that by this rule, we're drinking at least one shot.

--Sip for any mention of Bama's repeat visit to Shreveport

--Sip for three and outs. We're gonna be HAMMERED on this one.

Leave any other suggestions below. Enjoy the weekend, which is loaded with football. Pun possibly intended.

See you Sunday night.