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West Virginia, mountain drama.... Ahem:

Then Kendrick let it fly: "We have a poorly run athletic department and an incompetent AD and assistant AD. This is a $50 million business — and it is a business — and they don't have a strategic plan. They still run the place like it was a business the size of a dry-cleaning store.''

That's Ken Kendrick, Arizona Diamondbacks exec and West Virginia booster, on the athletic department at West Virginia and their handling of the contract negotations for Rich Rodriguez. According to Kendrick, WVU's admin reneged on many of the promises made that kept Rodriguez from taking the Alabama job last year. Oh, and that Kendrick has the time to make these comments and run the Australian conservative movement into the ground is most impressive.

Your final tally for the FSU academic suspensions: thirty-four in all suspended from the Music City bowl, including four starters on the o-line and 30 percent of their defensive production. Excuse us...

Can you piss and fart at the same time? Answer: not without injury. Cory McCartney of wonders if Bo Pelini can coach the LSU defense and settle into the Nebraska job all at once, and the likely answer to the question is no, because doing two things at once is very, very difficult for even the most talented people. There's a reason Asia Carrera makes all that money: because the human brain isn't keyed to perform a thousand tasks all at once. We're thinking Mark Richt as the absentee FSU offensive coordinator versus Oklahoma in the 2001 Orange Bowl. He was there, but he wasn't you know...there.

Don't ask Rick, 'cause he ain't said shit. Rick Neuheisel is silent on the question of the UCLA job, meaning he's already been hired and is waiting for the numbers to come in! To celebrate, he just went and attempted to get a promising middle schooler to commit by buying him and iPod Touch! And thus racked up his 43rd infraction of NCAA recruiting rules!

Tim Tebow is not signing anymore autographs due to "overwhelming" demand...or at least that's what the UAA wants Tebow to do. Talk all you like, UAA--we know his signature is used as currency in 46 countries, and that an overabundance of the currency debases its value.