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We have to interact with people we share a lot of genes with tonight, so we're canceling EDSBS Live, which we know exactly fifty of you are very, very disappointed to hear.

We have a proposal, though: The PetroSun Independence Bowl Drinking Game, broadcast live on December 30th with yours truly and Peter Bean putting our livers on the line as we drink our way through the game. Mark Jones and Bob Davie will be doing the epic slapfight between the 6-6 Colorado Buffaloes and the 6-6 Alabama Crimson Tide, so we can go ahead and guess the drinking game will involve:

--drink each time Bob Davie says "footbaw"

--drink each time Davie goes "WOOOOOO"

Based on those two requirements alone we should be talking to Dylan Thomas and Bon Scott by halftime. Leave your own rules below.

Oh, and Schnellenberger rules.