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Jew-hatin' Gregg Easterbrook sometimes deigns to write about college football, and oh how do we love to attempt to bring out the sharp knives when he does that. I mean, when he writes shit like this...

In Division I, coaches are little gods, the players are for the most part obedient, and the football-factory schools hold such huge advantages in recruiting and gimmick schedules that an orangutan could coach a Top 25 team to bowl eligibility. In Division I, coaches throw clipboards if they don't win by five touchdowns.

...I mean, how can he...

Oh. Um, nice little piece there, Gregg. Walking on, not looking up, hey, don't you want some coffee (whistling)...or we would walk straight by if NASA-porn fan Easterbrook hadn't included this blatant and complete falsehood a bit further down.

On the flip side, consider that Penn State under Joe Paterno never runs up the score.

The data set for countering this point is decades deep, but most recently Florida International would like to raise a strenous objection to this statement. With that point refuted, we now allow TMQ to go back to masturbating to the Hubblecast. Ohhhh, the resolution is so...clear...AHHHHHHH....