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You know we're biased, right? But even with that bias, that a small pang of sympathy for the devil sparks through the empty space where our heart used to beat when we think of these guys:

Drew Weatherford
Antone Smith
Preston Parker
Greg Carr
Geno Hayes (which actually goes against one of my sources)
Derek Nicholson

All of them are mentioned by the Tallahassee Democrat and Tomahawk Nation as being guys NOT, we repeat NOT on the list of Florida State players who took answers from tutors for an online class and therefore earned suspensions for the bowl game. Weatherford, in particular, bears special mention for concluding his career as the Job of the Florida State program in its late imperial period: a hammering taken under center, talent squandered in the horrid Jeff Bowden attack, a career of yo-yo action between starting and riding the bench, and a whole career gone without beating Florida. Again: if we didn't enjoy the sight of Jarvis Moss crunching him on a late hit so much, we'd feel a pang of pity for him, since we agree that in other circumstances, he could have been Matt Ryan, or is possibly a clone of his.

Sadder still is the lack of movement in the Vegas line: going from an opening lean to Kentucky by a point or so, the general fluctuation has it up to a a 2.5 point spread for the 'Cats to cover.

Thanks to Mr. 2Cents for helping spread the word about FSU's immediate lack of depth, and a possible solution: