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Florida State has suspended as many as 20 players for the Music City Bowl for taking an online course for credit cheating on an online course, according to ESPN and their "multiple sources inside the program." The suspensions could extend three games deep into the next season, as well.

Excuse us for a moment while we check our soul-mirror...

Yes, that's what we thought we'd see.

The suspensions are an extension of an admission and self-report by FSU of 23 students and their involvement in the online course, and blame two academic assistance employees for the snafu, which again has already been reported to the NCAA in a letter penned by T.K. Wetherell. We should note that amidst the schadenfreude we're currently dining on here, it does mark a clear commitment to clean play by Florida State, who has been transparent and proactive throughout this whole process. It's also a clear sign Bobby Bowden just shows up to wear a hat before returning to soft blankets, Civil War histories, and applesauce, and has no real power left to speak of in the day-to-day running of the program. Because this never would have happened in his prime. The reporting, that is.