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Things are happening. Fascinating, exciting, and often poorly organized things, but nevertheless, it's rollin' baby.

1. We're full-time at the Sporting News now, and will be contributing two college football-related pieces or so a week over there in addition to appearing on Chris Mottram's The Sporting Blog on a daily basis. We are also busy convincing them to send us to China on the cheap, and that the Chinese police will take bribes to let you into exclusive Olympic athletic events without jailing you at least 56% of the time you attempt it.

2. This will not impact EDSBS, which remains independent and Swindle-owned. In fact, the SN gig allows us to write full-time, meaning the pace of posting, so often dented by work and other nonsense, should remain constant at the worst. It will also not impact our fondness for profanity, so shove that notion sideways up your fucking ass, shit-tard.

3. The Swindle Industries family (dysfunctional and haphazard, just like yours) welcomes its first new member to the family:, our stab at a college basketball blog. Irishoutsider and Unsilent Majority will be bringing you only the finest of college basketball hearsay and analysis, along with lots of pictures of basketball players' hair and mockery thereof. Other writers will make appearances, ourselves included, as you would have to be blind, deaf, and dumb to not think March Madness wasn't worth paying attention to, and we only fit two-thirds of that bill.

4. Do you have a male relative you can't talk to, relate to, or even sit in the same room with for longer than three minutes? Do you have to purchase a gift for them this Christmas? Of course you do, and of course you don't know what to get them...until now.

Available at Amazon or out of the back of our trunk. We'll be at Buddy's at North Ave. and N. Highland selling them along with some fine electronic merchandise we found on the side of the road. Ah, the bounty of the concrete seas, all yours for rock-bottom prices!