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This will be the last Petrino post before we move on to other business and merely end any story re: Petrino with "Bobby Petrino says he wants to be at Arkansas, it's where his family wants to be, and he's staying at Arkansas." It's LSUFreek's impromptu photoshopping of Jesus Camp crossed with the Petrino press conference, and you know we can't resist the siren song of homegrown surrealism.

EDSBS is not responsible for any seizures or convulsions resulting from this.

If you've ever wondered what the inside of an SEC fan's head looks like most of the time, well, this is frighteningly close. Just plug in the appropriate mascot head and coach, and that's about 45% of the brain activity of any given day. Titties, beer, batter, and pretty much soaks up the rest.