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Blogtoberfest: Sometimes, we do one.

Jim Grobe is jowly enough for tradition at Michigan, who plan on getting one of those fax dealy-bobs in the office as soon as they get off the belt massager at the gym.

Rick Neuheisel at Duke? You betcha, per da Fanhouse.

Kyle notes in just one, just one we say, of his ongoing and superb series of bowl previews that it was a bad year to be a morbidly obese offensive genius. Sir, Mark Mangino disagrees vehemently! And is eyeing that tasty samosa you left in the Indian take-out bag!

Two entered. One left.

Colorado State quietly replaces the retired Sonny Lubick with CSU alum and former assistant Steve Fairchild, current offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills.

3rd Saturday in Blogtober has the proper name for Bobby Petrino now: Pignocchio.
Cocktails, distributed in great and indiscriminate quantities in your direction, sir.

Gerry Dorsey lightens the whole nervous, boiler-room feel of the Coaching Tilt-a-Whirl by pointing us toward this LSU performance artist, who is actually a superb dancer.