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The replacement for Al "Gorgeous" Borges this season won't have to pay more for moving expenses, as he'll be trundling his goods right down the road 61 miles from his current home Troy, Alabama to Auburn: Tony Franklin, offensive coordinator for the Trojans and Leach/Mumme pass fiend, will be taking his four and five wide sets to Auburn this season.

Auburn fans who saw the words "Mumme" and just passed out, please pick yourselves up off the floor and note that Franklin is the pilot of the Omar Haugabook offense that scared the daylights out of Georgia in 2007 and were 17th in the nation in total offense. They also lost to Florida Atlantic, but when you fight Schnellenberger, you fight ten men in one. Ten men in snazzy ties, man.

You can't beat this kind of sexy, boy.