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From a source, and a good one, we present to you the specious, fact-esque coaching rumor of the day: Norm Chow was offered the UCLA coaching job on Saturday. No word on whether he's taking it, though we think (if true) he'd be mad not to take it and finish out his coaching career as a head coach in the Pac-10 working in a milieu he's familiar with and in a conference he's succeeded in as a coordinator.

Oh, and he can call plays like an alchemist at his best. See:

Plus, he'd be the first Asian-American coach in college football, unless you count our recently departed barbarian Mongolian emperor Ed Orgeron. (We do, but only if he wants us to, of course. We'll call him Shirley if he wants us to because we are still afraid.) This means this is a great investment on UCLA's part for the long-term: if successful, they're gonna have him around a long time, because Asians live forever, man.