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This highlight comes from the "Mo Hall Classic," whatever that is, and is notable because yes, it contains a stellar crackback block, the move where an offensive football player split out away from the play runs back in towards the snap to block a defensive player. Sometimes, on crackback blocks, the defender has no idea what the hell's coming and takes a neck-snapping

"Sometimes," as in this clip.

So football terminology aside, the clip pwnz because they added the classic punching noise to the hit, not once, but twice, showing the play in sepia tones and replaying the gag. This stands as a superb example of Stranko Montana's one and only rule of comedy: if it's funny once, it's funny every time. Now, excuse us while we slip on a banana peel on a midget's shoulders in a trenchcoat that covers us both on the way out the door, so that we actually look like one very tall man.