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Arkansas' fired Houston Nutt, and then...leapt into oblivion. While Michigan has become the bumptious drama of choice this year, do not turn a deaf ear to Arkansas: the sound you hear is nothing happening, or at least nothing outside of the hiring of a search firm to find coaches now that Tommy Tuberville, Jim Grobe, and Butch Davis have all expressed equal parts disinterest and disdain for the job.

Why wouldn't you take the job? They ran a coach out of town by prying into his cell phone records (to be fair, public record,) making suggestions that he was having an affair (who cares if he was? It's not your genitals we're talking about here), and getting near-riotous over a team that won 19 games in the past two years and had a championship appearance. That screams job security to us.

The replacement question--and the rare quantity of foresight--could have been considered in advance here, but likely wasn't, or at least not considered fully enough. Georgia Tech dodged flak with a solid hire, as did Ole Miss, who hired Houston Nutt. Arkansas, however, may have started a gas fight before lighting up, especially now with Jim Grobe sitting tight at Wake for the moment. (There's a meth lab joke in here, but we're just too impatient to find it.)

See lack of planning, or:Gas fight!

If their last, worst case doesn't come through...who is next? No, in all seriousness, we're asking you. It's quiet over there right now. Ozark quiet.