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Blue is blue, and your team sucks!

Deadspin's been tracking them for a while, but this cutting-edge technology thing ESPN's been all over has really allowed them to tap into the soul of the fan with selected comments of the day. We mention this one because it's college football-related, slightly news pertinent, and allows us to take the offramp to random sodomy jokes as we're wont to do.

Bowden needs to quit worrying about beating JoePa for the wins lead... do what's best... retire.

Well, the formal announcement of Bowden sunset phase has already been made, so he's already basically done that by announcing Jimbo Fisher as the "coach in waiting."

But that really is the most insightful thing they could find in ESPN's vault of commenters talking about college football. We're immensely proud we can find at least three to four comments in the first, oh, three or four comments of each thread on EDSBS that trump this one for intelligence or insight. But what ESPN's really missing out is on the comedy potential of their featured comment, which could just sneak in so much humor in a single line without most people noticing. For example:

"Bowden should do what's best...masturbating with a silicone glove to amateur porn using really, really good expensive lube, like a fifteen dollar bottle of Eros or something. Because, IMHO, that really is the best."

--Steve, Tallahassee

"Kirk Ferentz sued my dog for libel. True story. The dog won representing himself, and today they call him Jim Delany, Big Ten commissioner. The fucker never even calls anymore."

--Neil391, Akron, OH.

"I bet Holly Rowe is a firm kind of squishy."

--TeddyBallGag, Indianapolis.

"Hey, do you know who would make a great football coach at Michigan? PARIS HILTON Pr0n MKE HER SAY MAI HOW B1G!!!"


"Hey, did you read Mark Isenberg's lastest Money Players column? It's awesome."

--M. Isenberg

They're just missing out on so much potential here. Leave your own brilliant ESPN college football comment of the day below.