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Curious Index, 12/7/07

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The Admiral marches from Annapolis to Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Paul Johnson to Georgia Tech is all but a done deal. We noted on Wednesday that we fully endorse this move.

Georgia Tech fans wanting a complete profile on Paul Johnson are at the wrong site, of course; Orson's the Jon Stewart of CFB news. But we're happy to point you to someone who takes this stuff seriously: MGoBlog's Paul Johnson file.

A tribute to Evil. Texas Tech has suspended the masked rider for a "banned stunt" performed during Tech's November 17th win over Oklahoma in Lubbock. The Masked Rider Committee (who knew?) sanctioned the student mascot after he rode around the stadium with hands raised in the air and reins in his teeth. It's not quite trying to jump an Ohio river in a motorcycle, but we salute the masked rider for his stuntery nonetheless.

awards. Orson and I vowed not to give a shit about these things this year, but Orson's love for Tim Tebow far, far outweighs his love for keeping promises. Tebow was the main event last night in Orlando, picking up both the Maxwell and Davey O'Brien awards. The Maxwell Award is presented to CFB's overall best player; the Davey O'Brien to the nation's top quarterback. Other winners included:

Doak Walker Award (Best RB): Darren McFadden
Fred Biletnikoff Award (Best WR): Michael Crabtree
Chuck Bednarik (Best Defensive Player): Dan Connor
Outland Trophy (Best Lineman): Glenn Dorsey
Jim Thorpe Award (Best DB): Antoine Cason
Lou Groza (Best PK): Thomas Weber
Ray Guy (Best Punter): Durant Brooks

And last, this year's Heisman Finalists were announced: Tim Tebow, Darren McFadden, Chase Daniel, and Colt Brennan. Four system quarterbacks. Huh.

10-4 That's it for me this week; Holly or JHC may have some more for you later. Orson returns from vacation this weekend, so join us Sunday night for EDSBS LIVE if you're around. It's been a fun week, if not quite funny. Orson will take care of that upon his return.
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