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Curious Index, 12/6/07

A new pig in the blanket? Reports indicate that Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe has accepted an offer to become Arkansas' new head coach. This seems like a fine hire to us, especially because Nutt Job stayed in the SEC, keeping him in the news and us in business.

Grobe was the 2006 ACC Coach of the Year when he led the Deamon Deacons to the conference championship and an Orange Bowl appearance. For his sake, we hope there are no skeletons in his closet because by God the people of Arkansas will dig 'em out, if so. Good luck, sir.

There is one thing we can promise Mr. Grobe as he departs the ACC for a more... indulging... fan base. There won't be any of this in the SEC.

UPDATE! Jim Grobe is staying at Wake Forest. I should know better than to nap on an Arkansas coaching hire... The drama continues. Soooooooey!

Fulmer Cup points? The arrests are trickling in, including two Aggies on drug and robbery charges, but we remind the eager readers that Fulmer Cup official scoring does not begin until after the season concludes. Certainly for teams heading to bowls then, these arrests are just unofficial warm ups. Orson will have to rule on whether teams not heading to bowls may begin accumulating points.

Make yourself comfortable, Jimbo. Florida State is set to announce on Monday that Jimbo Fisher will succeed Bobby Bowden when he finally decides to retire. This would normally qualify as exciting news for an assistant coach, but we imagine Fisher handled the news like he had been told he'd inherit Montgomery Burns' estate upon his death.

AD: "Jimbo, we're gonna promote you to coach when Bobby hangs 'em up!"

Fisher: "Hoo. Ray."

AD: "You don't seem as excited as I'd hoped."

Fisher: [mimicks waving pom poms] "Oh, no. I'm thrrrrrilled."

AD: "What's wrong, Jimbo?"

Fisher: "Bah. Nothing. It's just... I dunno, a man hopes to make head coach before he turns 65."

Professor, I have a question. With SMQ taking a week off to catch his breath and Orson chasing livestock in the southwest, the mean IQ of the CFB blogosphere took a pretty nasty hit this week. It's sort of the opposite of what might happen to Sports Illustrated if they shipped out Stewart Mandel and Peter King.

Fear not, though, readers: we're not totally doomed to an Oklahoma education this week. Others have picked up the slack. The M Zone asks a smart question about the utility of the "records against winning teams" statistic (it's bunk, he says), prompting LD to respond with some interesting follow-up thought. Thus concludes our "The More You Know" segment for the week. Back to regularly scheduled snickering and rumor-mongering.

Any chance of a split? My good friend Adam Jones has written a guest editorial spot for CFB News with a paragraph at the end that caught my eye:

We are all left not quite knowing who reigns supreme in the college football world. I shudder to think what the newly independent and historically mischievous voters of the Associated Press will leave us with after this bowl season. The cacophonic clamorings for a playoff—at least of the “plus-one” variety—will continue, but likely on deaf ears; a 12-0 romp by USC next season will make everyone forget this ugly anomaly.

We've spent plenty of time discussing how wack the 2007 season has been, but we're not sure we've seen anyone yet discuss the possibility of a split national title. It's pretty difficult to imagine a situation where that would happen, but it can't be discounted at this point. Question of the day: Is there any scenario that might tempt AP voters into casting votes for a team other than the LSU-Ohio State winner?
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