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These Are The Days Of Our Lives

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Updates, updates, updates! This is a grand time of year for coach-related rumor mongering and, yes, even the occasional real bit of news.

Clemson Keeps Bowden
Fan 1: How do you know the 2007 season was fucked up?

Fan 2: Appy State over Michigan!

Fan 1: No, jackass.

Fan 2: Stanford over USC?

Fan 1: Bah - no, not that. Dude, there were multiple teams competing with one another for Tommy Bowden's services.

Charlie Weis Wants You To Judge Him
Next year, that is.

Asked how quickly he can get things righted, Weis responded: "Not fast enough. That's probably as fair an answer as I can say," Weis said Monday at a news conference. "I think that the arrow is definitely pointing up. You already know what my goal is every time we play, and every time we play my expectation is to win that game. But we can't get good enough fast enough as far as I'm concerned."

I have to agree here: things are looking up. I honestly thought they'd lose to Duke and Stanford.

UCLA Needs To Hire Coach With Swagger
So says a crusty looking old dude at the LA Times, anyway: "Those who lead the teams that get the attention in Los Angeles have a common thread. They are people who conduct their business with a style and a swagger. They either came with name recognition or quickly acquired it here. The style and swagger aren't always the same, but all have some form of it... So, for at least a couple of weeks, Guerrero has our spotlight. We don't ask much, just a coach with style, swagger and success."

If you're having trouble imagining Pete Carroll reading the LA Times this morning, allow me to assist you...

Les Miles Still In Play At Michigan
Or wait, no, maybe it's Ferentz. Wasn't I talking about Brady Hoke this morning? Am I a candidate for this job?

If you're having trouble imagining Ohio State fans reading Michigan blogs this morning, allow me to assist you...