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The fact we have to wait for a selection show doesn't seem half as unusual this year as a college football fan. As strange as it's been, Barry Alvarez could come on the screen in a Cat-in-the-Hat raver cap, technicolor-striped pants, and twirling two glow sticks while screaming "SOMEONE GAVE ME BAAAAAAD DRUGS!!!" and it would feel apropos. It's been bad trippy time for football fans everywhere this entire season--why change now? Just put Thom Brennaman in the fat pants, dose him on some cut-rate MDMA, turn on the camera, and let the fun begin. WHO LOVES YOU? AND WHO DO YOU LOVE THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP

It feels so good when you touch my head...where's my gum?

So while we all wait for the BCS selection show, please note that EDSBS Live, America's Most Outstandingly Mediocre College Football Show, has been moved for one week only to Monday night on account of Peter Bean, our co-host, being exceedingly occupied this week for reasons unknown. (He's secretly negotiating for the job of defensive coordinator of the Texas Longhorns. Let it be known that we think he'd be just as good as their current management.) It will be broadcast live tomorrow night when we've got BCS selections to discuss and a bit more time on our hands as a duo.

Regular programming continues apace tomorrow. For the record, we think placing the entire undefeated 2004 Auburn squad and the 12-0 1994 Penn State Nittany Lions would make as much sense as any other arrangement you choose, since the BCS is made to hand pick a pair of lions from the pride for their title game, not pull a pair a pair of random feral cats from a sack.