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Skip Bertman, AD for LSU, has been asked for permission to contact Les Miles
by Bill Martin, his counterpart at Michigan. Brian thinks this means the hiring of Miles as the next head coach is a fait accompli; And the Valley Shook bids a complicated pre-farewell where they nod in agreement with Matt Zemek from College Football News, which makes us a bit skeevy; and we think the whole thing is still very much in the air given that there are two large universities ready to throw money at a single coach, which is always a tussle between greed, sentiment, ego, and the half-baked estimates of future success cooked up by the players.

Such a pretty baby LEMME HOLD HIM MY TURN MY TURN!!! (Img: TigerSmack.)

The overriding sentiment--our skepticism excluded--is that the Hat will be traveling north. (Wonder if you can see it on Google Maps? It's white and shiny enough to be seen from outer space, like Tim Tebow.) That said, don't give up hope: you, too, can throw in your resume here.

Despite guiding Syracuse to the worst three year stretch in their history, Greg Robinson will return next year as the head coach of the Orange. The Carrier Dome breathed a sad sigh, or at least we like to picture it that way, shrugging its roof like shoulders and staring at you with big sad cartoon eyes.

Bears Necessity wanna hiya da Coach O! Get in line, sir. Coach O gotta heapem dem phone callza return when he gettta backfrom da fammily vacation to da SanDIegoZoo. Whaddaya meaannaIcant trappa dabeasts hyah?

Tom Osborne wants you to come play for the newest, most exciting football coach in America, son. He's able, capable, and just waiting to help you reach your potential as a person and as a football player. Don't worry about the name--what are names, anyway, really? You could call me anything you like, really. My wife calls me Blumpy the Love Ogre sometimes, actually. What the hell am I doing here...

It's the death machine, Art. Houston coach Art Briles steps boldly into the mouth of the death machine by taking the Baylor coaching job. Briles reportedly looks forward to "being fired."
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