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Good stories need good villains, like Dr. No, Keyzer Soze, or Andy Garcia in When a Man Loves a Woman. (Let the woman drink, dammit!) For Florida fans and ACC foes, the sunflower-seed chomping clipboard frog-god and defensive mafioso who sent garnet-and-gold hitmen to kill quarterbacks at a startling clip through FSU's glory years of the '90s played this role to the hilt: Mickey Andrews, who still calls the defense for the 'Noles and who may be retiring following this year, per FSU Sports Commentary.

Despite his substantial villain cred, we're not sad to hear Andrews might be retiring. We're can't be sentimental, especially about a defensive coordinator whose defenses persistently added dirty play, late hits, and deliberate attempts to injure to their repertoire of solid schemes and eye-popping talent. Ten years ago, we'd have been the first to happily throw his box of office mementos and personal belongings to the curb: quarterbacks simply died against Noles defenses.

But we'd like to go ahead and come right out and say that he's grown on us as a Gator fan. No, really. We'll take him there as long as he wants to stay, just because he's such an old-school, classic sort of figure. Really! No ulterior motives here. He's superb.! Dibs!