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Houston Nutt's taking his sack of crazy weasels and trucking the family down to Oxford, Mississippi in a hire actually can't say anything bad about at all, really. What the hell is a blogger to do?

In lieu of negative bashing of decision-making, we'll actually have to discuss what's good about the hire. Nutt wins games, so that's an instant improvement over his predecessor, who did not win games this year, something coaches are supposed to do from time to time. Nutt also gets people to play football very, very hard. Not always intelligently, true; but very, very hard, and in very simple schemes they can pick up with ease. They'll run the daylights out of the ball with Ole Miss's underrated line on first and second down before the real treat: the return of the Matt Jones offense with Jevan Snead, where he'll have a one receiver pattern, find it's not open, and then will have to improvise and "make a play," a phrase that is the coachspeak equal of 12th century cartographers' "THARR BE DRAGONS."

Nutt will also be away from Fayetteville's now-toxic social environment, where he probably could not send a single text message without a nabob piping in with "HEY, YA TEXTIN' UR GALFRIEND, HOUSTON?" Oxford's more laid-back, and the other thing Ed Orgeron forged with three years of yaw-yaw (besides a nice talent base) are the sweet oblivion of low expectations. It's not like Nutt has to win five games to improve in the SEC. Winning just one would do that.

One game? That's improvement? WOOOOOO GIGGITY!

As for the dearly departed: Ed Orgeron has been mentioned in rumors surrounding Washington State. If you see a huge Cajun berating bushels of apples for their bruises and lack of toughness in the next week or so, Washingtonians, you'll know there's some credence to this scuttlebutt.