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Chan Gailey, out at Georgia Tech per ESPN Radio. Chan Gailey himself offers up the best explanation of his firing by showing you and the crowd at Bobby Dodd the number of times he defeated Georgia.

On the surface of things, the Gailey firing appears to be a cold, dispassionate affair: Gailey never excited great positive emotion, and didn't really generate it at the negative end either, content to not violate any of the laws of thermodynamics by keeping things at a nice, lukewarm non-boil for his tenure. 0-6 against Georgia is damning, though, as is the funereal feel at the Flats. The game we watched there against Virginia Tech earlier this month was as moribund a scene as one could possibly imagine: garbage blowing through empty seats in the third quarter, a hopeless offense begging to be removed from the field, and a collective sense of resignation settling in around the place.

As offensive coordinator John Bond's wife allegedly said leaving the family booth after the loss to Georgia: "Well, it's time to get packing."