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The Day of the Long pen-Knives continues as resignation letters and "sources" chirp away.

Jeff Bower, longtime Southern Miss coach, is out after a 17 year tenure. SMQ, the blogosphere's resident Golden Eagle fan, promises pending commentary. Our own input on the situation is that coaches with a 17-year run of taking a mid-size football program in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to bowl games are rare, and should be kept as long as possible. Unless they've pulled the coup of the century and are prepared to announce Nick Saban as their new coach, they have misjudged their human resource situation gravely.

Ted Roof, Duke coach, is fired after six wins in his entire four year tenure as Duke coach. Coach K thinks they should only field sports in which they will be competitive, because you know what a drain the football program's been on the success of the Duke basketball team over the years.

Northern Illinois head coach Joe Novak is retiring, opening up another spot in the MAC. (HT: DevilGrad, who has nothing but nice things to say about Novak and his job putting the NIU program together from little more than old twine and hope.)

And finally, the next hammer to strike home will allegedly be Greg Robinson, Syracuse coach, who looks thrilled to be where he is right now.

About to sneeze. Please don't ruin it. This is all I have left: sneeze-rush endorphines.