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The Orgeron is out at Ole Miss, according to Joe Schad of ESPN, who's practically an honorary coroner today after announcing both Callahan's termination and now Orgeron.

We're heartbroken. The Orgeron Era can't die. He just...he just can't. He's big, tough, and aggressive, just like a Hummer! He's gettin' pelts on da rakrootin' trail! He gotta da Jevan Snead a-comin intah da Oxfahd fo-a throwing da heapah touchdowns in 2008!

In all seriousness, this is sad as hell. We're left looking through the scrapbook now, watching the photos bubble up under our tears.

Just one more time, for old times sake. Play it Jo-Jo. YOU PLAYED IT FOR HIM, NOW PLAY IT FOR US. (Slams fist down drunkenly, tears gleaming in our eyes.) Play it again, Jo-Jo.

We imagine Robert Khayat did this over the phone, since you'd have to engrave the Orgeron's name on magical shackles a la Hellboy to restrain him before telling him he couldn't come back to work in person. They'd have to call in Rasputin for the whole thing.

This leaves the pesky question of who will take the Ole Miss job. Exquisitely timed as always, Ole Miss has fired a coach just in time to compete against Texas A&M, Michigan, Nebraska, and god knows what other larger, more monied programs will fire their coaches in the next ten minutes--not to mention the vacancies gaping after the guys who fill those positions leave their current positions.