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Sports By Brooks remains skeptical over the Kansas Jayhawks. This is a declarative sentence/value statement. It is also an excuse to post this picture.

Borat jokes may be a corrosive substance as rated by the Humor Society, but the similarity is striking. Kansas faces Iowa State this weekend, a game of great intrigue because the Iowa State Cyclones, after losing to D-1AA (and we'll never call it the Playoff Division) Northern Iowa Panthers at home in their second game of the season, have won two games in a row.
Crown their asses! It's a trend of two. In all fairness, the Cyclones appear to be playing much improved football, even if it is against the Redbird reading group of the Big 12 in opponents Kansas State and Colorado.

If you care to know what's going on with Colorado, and we know you do because you crave motivational technique jargon as much as we do, check out Dan Hawkins' blog. Notice that we've never done a mock blog entry on Dan Hawkins blog. This is because you cannot actually improve on the mad bouillabaise of ingredients cobbled together by Dan Hawkins to make his own blog, though we may try to do this next week.

This week's excerpt:

As is popular these days, “My bad.” I put the Iowa State loss squarely on my back. No excuses. Don’t blame the officials. Don’t blame wind, weather, crowd or others. If we are to live the life we aspire to, we must take responsibility for our actions and know that we have control over our lives. Even if it is a small percentage. If we control what we can, we need not worry about outside elements.

We say this every time we start blogging from the bar at 2 p.m. Bills? Repo man? Outside elements. Right now, it's you and me, Mr. Shotsky. All five of you. And daddy gets one after each post. That's focusing on your goals and matching aspiration with achievement. And so what if we take the door off your precious Toyota Camry on the way out of the parking lot? As is popular these days, "my bad, asshole."